The First Sanctuary


As a minister, a church sanctuary is my first sanctuary. My sewing studio is the second. This past Sunday, I was installed as Pastor and Teacher at the Reformed Church in Kinnelon, in Kinnelon, NJ.

It is an interesting blend of circumstances that was celebrated on Sunday afternoon when I was installed. This congregation, when it was searching for a new pastor, was looking for one who would serve on a part-time basis. I was able to accept this position with them because my quilting business provides a supplemental income for me.

Unknown to me before my arrival here a year ago, this congregation has a long history of being “gifted” with altar cloths that are handmade and quilted. There is a set for Advent and one for Lent. A set with butterflies bespeaks the resurrection of Easter. A set with rainbows (symbolizing covenant promises) and the wedding ring pattern is brought out for weddings.

It was only fitting that, for my installation, I, the pastor who is also a quilter, provide the congregation with its next set of quilted altar cloths. In the first picture above you can see the cloths for the pulpit and the Communion table. The second photo is of the stole I wear on top of my preaching robe. This new set will be used during the liturgical season known as Ordinary Time.


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