Uniform Woes


I’ve been asked, by a group from a private school, to create a quilt that can be auctioned at a fundraiser in May. The quilt needs to incorporate the school colors of blue, yellow and white, as well as pieces of the uniforms.

I’m having some difficulty and could use some help.

The first photo shows blue 9-patch blocks with a piece of uniform fabric in the centers. The crest in the upper corner will appear in all four corners of the overall quilt.

When I looked at this sample section from across the studio, I worried that the 9-patch blocks would seem to heavy and solid.

The second photo shows how I revised the 9-patch blocks to have white centers, with some of the centers being the crest. (I don’t have enough crests to put in each of the 9-patches.) For this version, the crest in the corner will come out.

But, where do I put the plaid uniform pieces?

Any suggestions? Do you have a preferences between the first version and the second?


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    • Rachel, I like your idea. Unfortunately, I have already cut up all of the uniforms into 5″ squares because I had planned to put the plaid in the centers of the 9-patches. So now your option isn’t available to me. Thanks for responding.

  1. Beverly, I agree with you that the second photo with the white centers looks better. Could you use the plaid in the corners, where you were originally going to put the crests?

  2. Could the crests go in every other center, and the plaid go in the corners? Something like this:

    P T W T P
    T 9 9 9 T
    W 9 C 9 W
    T 9 9 9 T
    P T W T P

    T=triangle square

    Making it out of uniforms is such a neat idea! I’m interested in seeing how it turns out. If you feel up to sharing it, there’s a link party on the Quitsy blog:


    Thanks, and good luck!

  3. Beverly, I actually do like the first version. I don’t think it’s too dark, and the crests add interest. If you prefer the second, can you use the plaid in the cornerstones of the sashing? Or just use it in the outer parts of the 9 patch, instead of the focal. I love the plan for the white and gold, though. It’s very smart! Good luck!

  4. Could you use the blue plaid uniform squares somewhere in the blue square (replacing some of the other blue fabric)? I think I prefer the second option (white in center square).

  5. Beverly, I like the direction you’re going in. I think it will look great, I love blue/yellow/white combination. Someone who attends the school will love and cherish it!

    • Thanks, Dawn. I hope they treasure it! The parent who had the school purchase it from me also had them pay for one of my Classic Americana quilts with some of the patches being squares from the uniforms. This is really fun. I can’t wait to find out what amounts these quilts fetch!

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