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BFF collection is HOT!


Had to run down to the wholesaler in Paterson today and while I was there I learned that the Elizabeth’s Studio BFF collection is selling really well. One of the owners told me that they are almost out of their second printing. This sweet collection, designed by illustrator Tracy Lizotte, is just perfect for all things “little girl.”

BFF vignettes.

BBF dress up panel.

BFF rock stars panel.

My favorite–the rainy day panel.


What’s Selling Well


I’ve noticed some trending happening with the fabric listings in my Etsy shop, The Tuscon print, in gold, from Elizabeth’s Studio is selling VERY well. ¬†As is the Tribal Elements I have.

Tuscon Gold from Elizabeth’s Studios

Tribal Elements

I’m also pleased that the gorilla’s in Elizabeth’s Studio is hot right now.

Out of Africa from Elizabeth’s Studios

And, I happen to know that the ballerinas from Elizabeth’s Princess collection are going to become rare. They are selling fast, so get them while you can!

Ballerinas from the Princess collection, Elizabeth’s Studio

Touching Love


The quilt on my long-arm machine.

A couple months ago a woman contacted me through my Etsy shop,, saying that her now-husband had purchased one of my quilts for her as a gift last year. In between that gift and now the two of them were married. At the wedding, they asked guests to sign 5″ squares of fabric as their guest book. The bride sent the squares to me and asked if I could make a quilt for her and her husband using their wedding colors of green and gray.

These pictures show the quilt in its final stages. Soon it will be shipped off to the happy couple.

As I worked on this quilt I was able to get a sense of the love that the wedding guests felt for the bride and groom. Making a quilt like this is like touching love.