Eternal Hugs


As I was quilting up a custom order this afternoon I began reminiscing about this project. It started with a message from a woman who was experiencing the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death.  The daughter decided it was time to go through her mother’s clothing and pick out the items that carried the most memories. She sent me the message asking if I could turn the articles of clothing into a quilt. After a few exchanges, the order was processed and the clothing items were on their way to me.

Once I opened the box and began looking through the tops and blouses and even a piece of wedding dress, I felt a connection with this mother. She had style and grace. And, she loved pink and purple! I wrote back to the daughter commenting that her mother must have been very special. The response, “She was always pretty stylish… She was an amazing mom and grandma. She would drop everything to babysit her grandchildren. I called her the momliest mom ever. I’m thinking that this quilt will be like a big hug from my mom. ”

It will be like a hug, Lori. An Eternal Hug.


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