A pattern of my own.


Several years ago I was in a meeting in Chicago and was getting bored. This was the last day of three straight meetings and I would be leaving that afternoon to return to my husband and child in New Jersey. As I sat there at the table, my mind wandered to a packet of fabrics I had at home. This packet was purchased because the theme, robots, was one of my son’s favorites. I began doodling quilting patterns that would work with the robot fabric. Finally, I had a plan!

When I arrived at home that night it was close to 10:00 pm. I was too jazzed about the quilt pattern and the fabrics to go to sleep. So I set out to cut the fabrics and sew them into the idea I had in mind. By 11:30, I had a quilt top completed. The next day, not only did I have a complete quilt to give my son, but I also had the start of a pattern design that has been a favorite for me, my customers and my friends for four years now.

At one point along the journey of this pattern, I contacted the editors of McCall’s Quick Quilts magazine and told them about my original quilt and the other quilts it led to…like the one right here:

The editors liked my idea and paid me to make a version of the quilt using Alice Kennedy’s Strawberry Fields fabrics from Timeless Treasures. Here’s the link to that feature:


Just goes to show you that daydreaming is not always wasteful.